Braemar Anti-fungus Coating

Braemar Anti-Fungus Wood Coating is not a varnish. It will not flake, crack or disintegrate on timber. AFWC is based on proven international formulating experience - using a carefully selected blend of synthetic resin, oil, wax and preservatives to give deep down protection.​



• For all new exterior wood surfaces such 

   as windows, doors, fascia boards and

  barge boards etc, where a durable

  waterproof dressing is required.


• Braemar Anti-Fungus Wood Coating is a synthetic resin, oil

   and wax preservative with an anti-fungus additive and organic


AFWC is not a paint and will not hide the natural beauty of the


• It has been designed to stain, thereby enhancing the natural

   beauty and highlighting the grain in the wood itself

AFWC is not glossy or flat. It dries to a durable eggshell finish,

   designed to shed rain and dirt and  to repel fungus

AFWC is easy to maintain. Once the first coat has worn

   through, simply apply another coat

AFWC is not sticky or difficult to apply. Paint on with a brush

   and treat your woodwork in one day

AFWC is not expensive. It is an economical way to give long-

   lasting protection to your wood

• Unlike conventional wood-dressings, AFWC is fast drying  

   which greatly reduces the coating period and dirt pick-up.

• The information given on this page and in the product data sheet is

   based on controlled laboratory tests and many years of experience.  It

   is given in good faith but no guarantee of any performance

   characteristic is given or implied. Braemar Paints cannot  be held liable

   for consequential damage of any nature whatsoever that may arise

   from the use of Braemar products

•  Paint technology is continuously being developed and Braemar Paints

   reserves the right to update product specificationswithout prior notice