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How long should I wait before painting a newly plastered wall?

Depending on the weather conditions, the general rule of thumb is to wait one week for every 5mm of plaster thickness.


What should I do about loose and flaking paint?

Remove the paint back to a firm edge by scraping or sanding. Feather the edges with sandpaper. Bare areas should be primed using a suitable primer. Sand old enamel paint well to a matt finish.

TIP: Test if coatings are compatible. The old coating should not wrinkle or lift after the new coat has been applied.


How do I remove mould and stop it from coming back?
Apply household bleach (3.5% sodium hydrochloride solution) liberally and allow to dry. When dry, brush down and wash with clean water. Allow to dry thoroughly before painting.


What do I do if I want to paint wood that has a penetrative oil preservative on it?

Strip the wood completely using paint remover and then scrub with a 20% solution of sugar soap to remove residual dressing and paint stripper. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Allow to dry and sand smooth.