Braemar Penetrating Waterproofer

Braemar Penetrating Waterproofer (BPW) is a high quality, liquid chemical coating for use as a surface treatment for cementitious surfaces and bricks to obtain permanent water repellent properties.


As a surface treatment for cement surfaces and bricks, to restrict the movement of moisture or water by repellant action in positive or negative order.

Industrial applications
•  Commercial buildings
•  Concrete headgear and shafts
•  Underground mining environments
•  Food processing plants
•  Water purification or reticulation plants
•  Dairy processing plants

Domestic applications
•  Concrete and plaster surfaces
•  Asbestos cement surfaces
•  Precast walling
•  Paving bricks
•  Bathroom walls and ceilings
•  Shower walls
•  Cement and slate roof tiles
•  Cement and clay bricks


•   Braemar Penetrating Waterproofer is the only SABS

    approved water repellent on the market (SABS 10400)

•   BPW is the only water repellent that reacts chemically

•   BPW is the only water repellent guaranteed never to break down

    unlike silica based products. It will last as long as the surface to

    which it is applied does

•   BPW treated surfaces can be painted after only two hours and

    can save up to 50% paint as the surface is less porous

•   BPW can be used on surfaces that will be permanently  

    submerged under water such as fish ponds and pools. In these

    cases the product should be left for seven days to fully crystallise

•   BPW treated surfaces will prevent the growth of mould

•   BPW can be used to mix tile cement and grouting effectively

    making it water proof

•   BPW can be applied to cement roof tiles to extend their life time

    and prevent growth of algae thus reducing expensive


•   BPW can be applied to rhino board type ceilings to stop paint

    flaking in areas of high moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms

•   BPW effectively seals and protects paving bricks

The above product claims are subject to the following conditions:

•  Surfaces treated must be clean and completely dry
•  The product may not be diluted under any circumstances.

• The information given on this page and in the product data sheet is

   based on controlled laboratory tests and many years of experience.  It

   is given in good faith but no guarantee of any performance

   characteristic is given or implied. Braemar Paints cannot  be held liable

   for consequential damage of any nature whatsoever that may arise

   from the use of Braemar products

•  Paint technology is continuously being developed and Braemar Paints

   reserves the right to update product specificationswithout prior notice